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Azayki, Jul 24, 11 8:58 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Want to join us?

We are currently recruiting!

Looking for players of any level, class and role. Must speak English, be respectful and mature (18+ only). Experience preferred, but willing to welcome new players as well. (Bonus points if you're a goblin. I have a soft spot for goblins. <3)

Why should you join B2B?
(o) We are not like other guilds who just let anyone in. You will not have to worry about guild channel being a trollfest or a group of idiots who just beg and beg and beg.
(o) We have 6 bank tabs full of items that members can use upon request. We only ask that you contribute as much as you use.
(o) Because we are so new, opportunities for advancement into an officer position are available.
(o) We are starting a raid group ASAP and the positions for the core group will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Go here to apply, after making an account:  Application
Alternatively, message an officer in game for a brief interview.


Built to Blast is a Bloodhoof (US) Horde guild that is intended to serve as a home for players who can get along and wish to adventure together.  Simultaneously, it is designed to act as a new home for the stray player so that we may grow our ranks and perhaps leave a dent in the server's history.  Our basic rules are to be respectful, patient and courteous to others. We are comprised of older players (primarily 20-somethings) and as such do not wish to have anyone under the age of 18 join our guild.  We feel this adds to the overall maturity of the guild and allows members to speak freely.  However, you are in no way, shape or form required to be completely mature (if anyone possibly could be).  Most of us are college students and/or working folks who have real life obligations to fulfill.

After some time of being members of an inactive guild and spending time leveling alts, we decided to try and recruit for B2B, just for fun.  We've met some really fun people, particularly in the Midwest region (but also abroad).  We know there are people out there who don't feel like they're getting the most out of the game and would like some company, either in chat or in adventure.  There are also those who prefer a less time-intensive approach to playing the game, and B2B tries to provide an environment like that.  At the same time, we also accept and understand first hand that doing your own thing can be fun, and we respect that. 

We have no time obligations right now (though when raiding kicks off, some sort of predetermined commitment may be asked of those who wish to raid).  Some of us play a lot but at irregular intervals, some of us play during certain times of the day and some of us just play every chance they get (often or not). 

Bloodhoof is a heavily populated server with well-established guilds.  Part of what makes those well-established guilds successful is a reliable member base, which we're working on now.  We invite you to come take a look, chat, run some dungeons or just chill and get a feel for things.  We have toons ranging from leveling alts to those in nearly full raid gear.  Though we do not raid as a guild yet, some of the regular members are in or near that gear/experience range (including some tanks and healers). Therefore, the possibility of raiding is not a complete fantasy and heroics are being done at least every time I play.


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